A suspension of calcium carbonate particles in water flows through a pipe. ... The molecular weight of methanol is 32 kg / kmol. Mass of methanol in the mixture.... by J Hill including the category Water ... kg/kmol , and the molecular weight ... kmol. The quantity of nitric acid neutralized is converted first to kilograms and then to.... (a) moles of sodium sulphate = 2.174e+03 mol (b)kilograms of sodium ... variables Y = 0.015; #kg water vapour/kg dry air Mair = 29.; #kg/kmol weight of air.... value, unit. kmol/s, i. kilomole per second. kmol/min, i. kilomole per minute. kmol/hr, i. kilomol per hour. tmol/d, i. tonmole per day. lbmol/s, i. poundmole per.... Aug 30, 2016 But, I will answer it. specific gravity is formula between fluid density to air or water density. For gas fluid, like methane: SG = fluid density/air.... Jun 12, 2018 The btu is defined as the amount of heat needed to raise 1.0 lb water ... For example, a heat capacity is expressed in SI units as J/kg mol K;.... Convert 100,000 tons/year to kmol/hr 2. Convert 0.45$/gallon to $/kmol. Both questions are with regards to methanol. Molar mass = 32.04, density = 791 kg/m3. ENTHALPY [J/kg, J/kmol, kJ/kg, kJ/kmol, Btu/lbm Btu/lbmol] returns the ... returned by this function is the enthalpy of the air and water vapor mixture per unit mass.... Molecular weight of air: 28.97 kg/kmol. Specific heat of liquid water: 4.18 kJ/kg-K. Use the closest value in ideal gas table; do not interpolate. (a) What is the final.... 3-119E A piston-cylinder device that is filled with water is cooled. ... Properties The gas constant of nitrogen is R= 0.2968 kPa-m'/kg-K. The specific heats of.... Mass of CO2 from 1 gal of gas = 2.791kg/gal 85.5% (44.0g CO2 / 12.0g C) = 8.750kg. Volume of CO2 from one gallon of gas = 0.008750ton 556.2m/ton.... molecular weight of 44 g/mol and is at 21C. What is the gas pressure? R = R. MW. = 8314. J. kmolK. 44 kg kmol. =189 J/kgK p = mRT. V. = (4.5 kg) 189. J. kmolK. 538a28228e

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