"I have just completed week seven of the Pharo Mooc (beginner and object oriented tracks) I am starting a redo of the Mooc with the web track (TinyBlog project).. http://MOOC.Pharo.org. Everything is in Creative Commons. 7 weeks / 1h videos a week. 60 lectures/videos + 30 interactive videos. Exercises + Challenges.... ... of the Pharo MOOC? mooc.pharo.org/ ... I was able to find english versions of the videos here: http://rmod-pharo-mooc.lille.inria.fr/MOOC/Videos-... 2. Share.. In Pharo there is nothing else but objects and messages. ... This book is supported by the videos of the professional Pharo MOOC: (http://mooc.pharo.org).. Oct 17, 2017 http://files.pharo.org/mooc/. Smalltalk is the original object oriented language and has inspired many of today's languages including javascript.. Jan 20, 2020 ... and has always been a very immersive experience. Pharo just released version 8.0: http://pharo.org/web And, it includes an extensive MOOC.... Others but still important. You can find the Pharo MOOC at http://mooc.pharo.org (100 of videos, exercises, slides in french, english, japanese and spanish). 219d99c93a

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